35. The Happiness Paradox and Cheering for Your Rivals to Build Joy

How do our elements of joy help us build this internal, infinite supply of joy that is within us? One reason is that we don't focus on happiness here at Joy Lab. Sounds wild, right? That's because of a little thing called the happiness paradox. Tune in for this episode as Aimee talks about this obstacle and how we use our elements of joy to overcome it. You'll also get a super simple and surprisingly effective strategy to boost your joy... and it involves reality tv and your least favorite sports team... enJOY!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Joy is not the same as happiness. It's also not the opposite of depression. Joy is a deeper state of being that we can build up and maintain all the time.
  • Chasing happiness is a recipe for fatigue and frustration.
  • The happiness paradox is a reminder that we can instead build our elements of joy to uncover the inner state that we're actually after, and that is natural to us.
  • Have fun with your work... try the simple sympathetic joy practice Aimee suggests in this episode:
    • Cheer for your rival sports team.
    • Watch a competition show and cheer for everyone. 


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