42. Five Principles for Inspired Change (or something that looks remarkably like it)

The element for this episode is “inspiration.” In the last two episodes, we dug into some strong myths around change and happiness. These centered around the false beliefs that we’re broken; that we need to be fixed; or that we need to change ourselves, our environment, or someone else to feel some happiness. If you haven't listened to those episodes (yet!), just know that those are super sticky myths. They come up a lot. Here at Joy Lab, we work on building ourselves up in powerful ways that quiet that talk. 

At the same time, of course we want to make changes in our lives. So, in this episode have five principles that can help you create positive change. The key is that these changes are built from from a foundation of self-acceptance. A place of self-love that fuels change because you care about yourself. And that foundation and fuel inspires changes that are lasting and meaningful.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Five principles for inspired change:
    • Inspired change is grounded in radical self-acceptance.
    • Inspired change begins deep within.
    • Inspired change embraces even the resistance to change.
    • Inspired change happens in connection.
    • Inspired change is a process, and not a simple, linear one.


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