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48. Equanimity: A Tool for Emotional Reactivity and the Power of Grounding (Part 1)

In this episode and the next four after this, we'll look at how to use equanimity when emotional storms hit. What's equanimity? We see it as a flexible state of steadiness, particularly amidst stress. And even though equanimity is our natural state, it’s the opposite that most of us are familiar with. That opposite goes by a lot of different names: fear, anxiety, irritability, moodiness, upset, agitation, being stressed out. In mental health lingo, it’s often called emotional reactivity. To get us started with our series, we'll learn more about emotional reactivity in this episode and talk about how to tap into equanimity through grounding practices.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Equanimity can be described as steadiness, particularly amidst stress or struggles. It may feel absent for you now, but it is your natural state. 
  • Equanimity looks different for all of us. 
  • One key strategy to maintain equanimity amidst stress is to get grounded. You can do this by heading outside and doing something in nature that feels calming and anchoring. You can also do this with others who you feel safe with and who invite a sense of connection for you (people, pets, other animals).
  • If it's too cold to go outside, a sunny window can be just the thing. Add a houseplant, and a pet perhaps, and you've created an indoor, grounding oasis!


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