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134. You're Wired for Resilience (special replay)

We recorded this early in our Joy Lab journey, but it's as true as it was then. Truth is, we’re all wired for resilience. It’s built into all living systems, from a single cell to dynamic global systems. And none of us would be here if we didn't have it. But, have you wondered why we all have different levels of resilience and how it can be boosted? In this episode, we explore what resilience means, how to protect your resilience, how to get it back if it's been depleted, and even how to grow it to a level you might not have thought you could get to. 


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Key moments:


00:00 Introduction to Joy Lab Podcast
00:47 Understanding the Concept of Resilience
01:39 The Importance of Resilience in Today's World
02:53 How to Protect and Enhance Your Resilience
03:12 Defining Resilience and Its Importance
03:31 The Impact of Resilience on Mental Health
04:34 The Role of Resilience in Overcoming Challenges
05:44 The Depletion of Resilience Due to Continuous Stress
06:26 Understanding the Concept of Your Resilience Container
07:00 Factors Determining the Size of Your Resilience Container
11:02 The Concept of Ordinary Magic in Resilience
13:12 The Shortlist for Resilience
16:45 The Roots of Resilience
26:03 Cultivating a Good Heart for Resilience
27:36 Creating Deep Connections for Resilience
31:00 Conclusion and Invitation to Join Joy Lab Program
31:39 Podcast Closing Remarks and Disclaimers


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