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139. Align With Nature & Your Rhythms (ultradian, circadian, & infradian) [encore]

In this episode, we're working on our element of Resilience and exploring the third "Root of Resilience" known as aligning with nature. The Roots of Resilience were laid out in one of Dr. Emmons book, "The Chemistry of Calm." This root builds on our last one ("managing energy") by embracing the cycles and rhythms that are part of a much bigger system. This may seem "woo-woo," but.. well, it's not. Like all mammals and really every other living thing, we are influenced by cycles around us. A growing field of study known as chronobiology is bringing more scientific understanding to these cycles (for example: seasonal affective disorder and seasonal mood shifts). We'll talk more about this root and how increasing awareness of your connection with nature and adding some simple skills in response to this connection can support your mood, energy, and resilience in really powerful ways.


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Key moments:

00:00 Welcome to Joy Lab
00:46 Introducing the Roots of Resilience Series
01:46 Aligning with Nature: The Third Root of Resilience
02:03 Exploring Bio Rhythms: A Key to Mental Health
04:39 Diving Deep into Ultradian Rhythms
10:39 Circadian Rhythms: The Impact of Sleep on Mental Health
22:32 Infradian Rhythms: The Examples of Menstruation and Seasonal Affective Disorder
26:44 Wrapping Up: The Power of Aligning with Nature


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