Joy Lab Podcast

Joy Lab Podcast

Hosted by: Henry Emmons, MD and Aimee Prasek, PhD

Welcome to the Joy Lab Podcast, a podcast that goes beyond your ears, working to help you uncover and foster your most joyful self. Hosts, Drs. Henry Emmons and Aimee Prasek, bring you the ideal mix of soulful and...

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Learning to Love Well: Be More Permeable

Episode #23

In this episode, Henry and Aimee talk about that third lesson of loving well: Be more permeable. What does that mean? Being more permeable means to soften our defenses a bit, to let emotions in, and to also let them...
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Learning to Love Well: See the Innocence in Others

Episode #22

We're digging into our second lesson on Learning to Love Well, which is seeing the innocence in others. This skill gets at the heart of the illusion of separation and opening up to the truth that we are...
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Learning to Love Well: Love Yourself First

Episode #21

Way back in episode #6, we introduced the 5 lessons of loving well. These are powerful little strategies, so we wanted to get into each a bit more. So, that’s what we’ll do for these next 5 episodes. The first lesson...
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More Joy... Every Wednesday!

Episode #20

Exciting news! We'll drop a new episode of the Joy Lab podcast every Wednesday, begining September 1, 2022. This podcast is an important part of our mission to increase access to integrative, empowering, and effective...
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The Power of Play: Clocks vs Clouds and Taming Your Wild Things

Episode #19

We're wired for fun and play. It's part of our learning process, a key strategy to create connections, and essential for optimal mental health. In this episode, we'll talk about some common obstacles (clocks vs...
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You Are That Vast Thing You See with Great Telescopes

Episode #18

Did you catch the first set of images released from the Webb telescope? Did you feel a bit of awe? And if you listened to last episode (#17) you may have thought... "Hey! That's me in those images!" Yes! That might...
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The Case for Wonder in a Distressed World

Episode #17

Awe, wonder, enchantment… don’t we all want these experiences?! And when it comes to mental health, they’re super beneficial. In this episode, we’ll explain how the element of awe and these experiences are not...
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The Surprising Benefits of Not Knowing

Episode #16

Curiosity is a powerful element of joy. There are two key constructs related to curiosity that we’ll dive into in this episode because they are particularly powerful. These are intellectual humility and uncertainty...
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How Can We Respond to Tragic Loss?

Episode #15

How are you feeling? What are you feeling in your body? As for me (Aimee here, co-host of the Joy Lab podcast), I've been a sobbing, ticked off human the last few days. I rollercoastered between fear, apathy, sorrow,...
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The Illusion of Separation

Episode #14

Feeling hopeful is a key contributor to better mental health. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be an optimist to be hopeful, as it’s a skill that we can all boost. Problem is, hope may seem hard to find right now....
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The Roots of Resilience

Episode #13

We’re all wired for resilience. It’s built into all living systems, from a single cell to dynamic global systems. And none of us would be here if we didn't have it. But, have you wondered why we all have different...
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Five Pathways to Inner Calm

Episode #12

Feeling stressed lately? Our stress responses are being activated by a lot of stressors floating around lately. Activation is generally fine (and can be good stress!), as long as it recedes in a reasonable amount of...
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