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82. Struggling with Sleep? Here's What You Need to Know (Depression and Anxiety Coping Skills Podcourse)

In this episode, Henry takes you on a journey to uncover the remarkable science behind sleep and its pivotal role in depression, anxiety, and overall wellbeing. Henry will also highlight simple adjustments in your daily routine to help you improve your sleep, support your mood, and enhance your resilience.


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A few key questions answered in this episode:

  • Why is sleep so vital for emotional balance?
  • How does sleep impact cognitive abilities and memory?
  • What happens in your body during deep sleep that promotes healing?
  • How can you regulate your circadian rhythm for improved mood?
  • What practical strategies can you implement for a good night's sleep?


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  • This episode is part of our Podcourse! To get the most of the course, you may want to follow along in order, beginning with episode #78 and you can visit the Podourse Page to find all the episodes. However, these episodes can be listened to in any order and you can take action with any strategy that you feel connected to. 
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