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Morning Routine for Better Sleep

sleep Jul 02, 2020


Before you begin your routine, it's important that you set a bedtime and wake-up time. Aim to get to bed at about the same time each night. Getting up at the same time each day can also help you keep a regular bedtime. Remember to choose times that are realistic for you and that give you 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Goal: Complete These Practices Within Three Hours after Waking Up.

Wake Up On Time. Get up at the same time every day (or close to it). This is crucial to setting your circadian rhythm. Use alarms if you have to. It’s even more helpful to awaken with the light, either the natural sunrise or a dawn simulator.

Make Your Bed. Making your bed each morning improves the chances of a good night’s sleep by nearly 20% because it keeps you from using your bed for anything but sleep.

Eat Breakfast. Learn more from the Nourish practices in this Sleep section.

Get Some Sun. Get bright light in the morning, preferably within an hour or two of waking. That will help regulate your natural melatonin cycle, improving your chances of getting sleepy at the right time of night. If you can't get natural sunlight, use a bright light device.

Exercise Early. If possible, do some or all of your planned exercise in the morning. That habit will help you stick to your movement routine. If you can't get your exercise in early, try to at least three hours before bedtime to keep your stress hormones down and your body cool at bedtime.

Take a Breathing Break. Simply stop what you’re doing for a moment and turn your attention to your breath. Awareness of breathing can coax your autonomic nervous system to “stand down” and turn off your stress response. This is a great way to start your day.


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Just as having a consistent wake up time and morning routine can set you up for better sleep, so can setting up your sleeping space. Learn how to set up your designated area for better sleep.>>>


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