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Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Summer

¬† Henry Emmons, MD ¬† Seasonal affective disorder... in the summer? Most of us in the far north live for summer. After a long winter (and¬†potentially a long quarantine!), we just want to be outdoors, stay up later, be more active‚ÄĒpack in all the things we love that we‚Äôve felt deprived of for n...

Using Melatonin to Help Reset Circadian Rhythm

 Timothy Culbert, MD, IFMCP [Read this article  for more on melatonin and its relationship with ADHD.]   Is Melatonin Safe?  I've found melatonin to be quite helpful for kids and teens with ADHD for both sleep onset and sleep maintenance issues. However, some concerns have popped up about kid...

DST Hangover? Try This Spring-Forward-Better Schedule

Can that one hour spring forward in March really impact sleep? Yes! Sleep is finicky. It likes a schedule. And Daylight Saving Time (DST) throws it off. Some folks can recover quickly from the one hour shift, but others may feel exhausted and "off" for many days after the time change. The latter...

The Calming Breath Technique to Sleep Better

The Calming Breath Technique The Calming Breath Technique addresses anxiousness and stress by emphasizing the exhalation. When you're anxious or agitated, your breath is shallow and rapid. On the other hand, when you're in a relaxed state, exhalation is easy, long, and full, with no sense of nee...

Five Easy Tips for Better Sleep

Lying awake in bed when you rather be catching Z's can feel like torture. Perhaps you know the feeling as frustration over your lack of sleep increases, your agitation amplifies, and then sleep becomes even more difficult. It's a vicious cycle. Read below for five tips that can prevent or crumbl...


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