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Improving Family Mental Health and Wellness in the New Year: From COVID19 To CALM21

anxiety kids/parenting Jan 17, 2021

Professional comedian, Andrew Heaton, leads our panel of experts through insightful, energizing discussions about how you can nurture whole family mental health in the age of COVID-19. 

Our panelists include: Tim Culbert, MD; Henry Emmons, MD; Anastasia Ristau, PhD; Omkar Sawardekar, MSW, LICSW

Join us for the Natural Mental Health Resilient Kids Summit!

Parents will discover simple ways to nurture your child’s resilience 

This series of three live-streamed workshops—presented by nationally-recognized leaders in the field of natural mental health—will share safe, affordable, and evidence-based strategies that can help your child thrive.

Parents can learn more and register here: https://www.naturalmentalhealth.com/parents

Practitioners will discover innovative approaches to treating child anxiety, depression, and ADHD 

From COVID isolation and distance learning to racism, economic hardship, and more—children and teens everywhere are experiencing an unprecedented wave of adversity.

Now, parents are looking to you for the non-pharmacological approaches that will help alleviate their child’s anxiety, depression, or ADHD—and our virtual workshops will equip you with these evidence-based, integrative strategies.

Practitioners can learn more and register here: https://www.naturalmentalhealth.com/practitioners




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Apr 09, 2024


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