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Tune Your Brain for Sleep

sleep Mar 27, 2018

By Tim Culbert, MD

Sound is an important sense that has a profound effect on the mind. Listening to soothing, soft music or nature sounds can quickly balance mind and body.

Tune Your Brain. It's possible to actually “tune” your brain in response to rhythmic, repetitive sounds embedded in music or natural noises. Therapists have developed special music that contains these repetitive beats or rhythms that can synchronize brain wave frequencies in the listener. This process is called brainwave “entrainment.”  

Brain waves are a reflection of the electrical activity generated by brain cells, just like our heart generates electrical activity each time it beats. Brain waves come in five different varieties or “frequencies,” depending on their speed. Below, the five frequencies are listed from slowest to fastest:

  • Delta waves are associated with dreamless sleep.
  • Theta waves are associated with dream sleep, imagery, intuition, creativity, and deep meditation.
  • Alpha waves are associated with quietly flowing thoughts, daydreaming, and flow state.
  • Beta waves are associated with focus, normal alertness, and reasoning.
  • Gamma waves are associated with higher processing functions.

Audioentrainment for sleep works with your delta waves to enhance sleep. Try music from Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, particularly his Delta Sleep System.

Sweet dreams!

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